About me

      I had my had my second baby girl November 2011. I was over joyed to have another little blessing my life but the truth was I was sluggish, overweight, and my pants wouldn’t fit. I was unhappy and depressed. I couldn't be the true mother that I wanted to be because I wasn't happy with myself. I would daily look in the mirror and put myself down. I would hide under baggy clothes and although I appeared happy I was miserable. I had everyone around me telling me I would never get my pre-baby body back and ofcoure I would hear "once you have kids, you will never  get your body back."

That’s all it took for me to get off that couch and start moving. My first attempt was Insanity. I did it off and on for about 3 weeks and I just wasn’t getting the motivation I needed and my husband wasn’t any help. He would wave cookies and greasy food in my face. I wasn’t reaching my goals and I was really hard on myself. I finally had enough!!!! I found a Beachbody coach that really motivated me, got in her 90 day challenge group, and took a shot at Turbo Fire. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. We were living in Australia and getting ready to switch duty stations to Hickam AFB, Hawaii. I had a lot going on but I did not want to give up on myself. I needed this! I was sick of being unhappy and miserable. I would try my pants on everyday to see if they would fit and would cry because they wouldn't. I got some gym shorts larger then I normally would wear and cried because they were tight and barley fit. I had enough and it was time to really bring it.   
My coach and I devised a pla to get through the next 90 days despite my moving situations. I brought my DVD's with me everywhere. I understood that there would be hurdles and sturggles ahead but my challenge group held me accountable and my coach checked in with me daily to insure that I was on track. I loved the support and motivation I was recieving. I met some truely amzing people through my journey that I can now call friends.
At the end of the 90 days I was so excited when I pulled up a pair of my pre baby jeans and they were actually to big. I had to go down a size. I was amazed at the progress I had made in such a short time. My baby wasn't even a year old yet and I was down 35lbs and 4 pant sizes. I was amazed and floored. My hard work and dedication had paid off. Of course I had struggles and I wasn't perfect through the 90 days but I drank my shakeology dalily and did my workouts. I now have more confidence then I ever have. I'm in a smaller size then I was before having my girls and I am now excited when it comes time to going shopping. I gained back my confidence and I became a better Mother, Wife, and friend.

I know how it feels to not have confidence in yourself and be depressed because you just don’t feel pretty. I can relate to each and every single person because I have been there and am still there. I’m still a work in progress but as much as my customers and challengers need me, I need them too. They are what is in the back of my mind when I’m doing my daily workouts, drinking my Shakeology, and making healthy food choices. I feel like I have finally found my happy place and in the midst of just trying to be a successful Beachbody coach I have truly found my calling and myself. I am so thankful for the opportunity to help others and give my time up to make someone smile and gain back their confidence.

Let me help you reach your goals! Nothing can hold you back but yourself. I’m here to help you every step of the way. I’m here to motivate you and give you everything you need to succeed. I’m living proof that YOU CAN DO IT!

Contact me and I would be happy to help you, guide you, mentor, and motivate you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!