Monday, October 6, 2014

How to stay to on track with your Health and Fitness goals while on Vacation!

Finally in Texas after 10 hours of traveling! 

These last three weeks I have been on total vacation mode and visited 3 different states. A lot of my challengers and friends have been asking me how I stayed on track. I'll totally admit that I wasn't 100% on track. I had more drinks than I normally would and more treats but I definitely had a little system that I used so that things wouldn't get totally out of control. 
Vacation visiting friends and family! 
So my First stop was Texas, my hometown, to visit friends and family for about 6 days before it was time to head on to Arizona for Beachbody Leadership. 

Here was my Vacation GAME PLAN and How I stayed pretty close to on track over the three weeks. 

I packed all of my workout gear. I always make room in my suitcase for workout gear. It goes everywhere I go. It's pretty much like bringing my toothbrush with me. It's something I can't forget. 
Sports Bras, Shorts/Capris, Tank Tops, Socks, and Shoes. 
I packed my workout DVD's and made plans with friends to go running and workout. 
If you are going to a hotel you can also make sure that the hotel has a gym and everything you need before booking. This is always HUGE in my book and a must. 

Target Fun with one of my best friends and the kiddos! 
Instead of carrying around my bag of Shakeolgoy I ordered the packets because they travel much easier and you can just toss them in your purse and GO! I had my shaker cup with me on the plane for an easy meal and if you MUST have a blender the Mini Hamilton one is awesome to travel with. It has a detachable cup with the blender. If you only have a bag the best option is to get the baby formula containers and fill that up. That works AWESOME for carrying your Shakeolgoy around -- MESS FREE! 
Shakeolgoy to the RESCUE! 
In my purse I stocked up with the little 100 cal packets of all natural almonds and quest bars. A lot of the places in the airport had little containers of fruit and veggies so I grabbed those in between layovers. It was PERFECT instead of resorting to the JUNK that the food service offers. Also grabbed big bottles of water to make a Shakeolgoy and drink. 

Once I got settled at my parents house for the week I had my list ready to head to the grocery store: 

I grabbed some ground turkey
Cheese sticks
Greek yogurt
Baby Spinach
Balsamic Vingar
Mrs Dash Seasonings
Pinto Beans
100% whole grain bread
Egg Whites 
Baby Carrots
Turkey Bacon

stay on track while on vacation, vacation tips, healthy eating
Texas Grocery Shopping!! 

I made a big batch of pinto beans, ground turkey, and used 1/2 taco seasoning to make some taco meat and had that over salads for dinners and lunches. 

For snacks I had cheese sticks and nuts, Quest bars, Hummus and carrots, Egg Whites
Depends on where i'm going for the day. But I'll normally toss all of this in my cooler to take with me. Makes things super simple. 

Breakfast was Shakeology or Egg whites with Turkey Bacon and baby spinach. 

Lunch I would normally go home to have or would pack a cooler. I love things that are quick and simple while out of the home. Tuna packs are the BOMB! I mix that with greek yogurt, avocado, and sliced almonds. Then have it in a wrap, open face sandwich, or over a salad. Totally refreshing and DELISH! 

Of course while on Vacation you are going to go out to eat a lot more and that's totally okay. It's okay to splurge every once in awhile but if you have goals in mind you can still do a great job! 

Skip the bread
Ask for steamed veggies with out butter
Substitute french fries and backed potatoes for steamed veggies or a side salad. 
Dressings always on the side or sauces. 

Don't stress just try and pass on the OBVIOUS calories that you can control and move on. 

Do I have Ice cream, Alcohol, and desserts ... YOU BET I DO! I totally had some extra treats while on vacation and I didn't feel bad about it. I made sure that I got my daily workouts in and had a healthy balance. 

Pick and CHOOSE what you really want. You can't have it all .. so pick the things you most want! 
Fuel your body for ENERGY, enjoy the little things but remember you don't live to EAT you EAT to LIVE! 

Vacation Accountability
Repeat after me .... WORK OUT ... Don't skip it .. Don't make Excuses -- GET UP AND JUST DO IT! Your workout shouldn't be something you DREAD it's something that makes you feel good, puts you in a good mood, and gives you energy for the day. Remember that when your brain is telling you NO, just keep sleeping. Your day will go so much better and you will feel so much better with a good workout in! You aren't worried about loosing weight while on vacation but you want to maintain what you have already worked so hard for. Wake up and feel STRONG and know that you are an overcomer and you CAN do those things that others won't because you are WORTH IT! 

Packed T25 .. Yes I killed it! 

Make your vacation FUN!!! Working out and Eating Clean should be a part of your life that you LOVE because of the way it makes you feel. It shouldn't be something you dread. Don't stress if you have an extra serving or have that ice-cream. Life is all about BALANCE and enjoying it! 

It's your LIFE and you don't have to eat anything that you don't want to. Ask for the food that you want, get creative with your workouts, but most of all HAVE FUN!! You only have one life might as well be in LOVE with it.