Monday, July 14, 2014

FREEDOM!! Creating a business that YOU can do from anywhere!

learn how to create a business that fits your life
Now is your time to create a business that fits your life

Let me tell you friends .... I once was scared of FAILURE, but I was also scared of SUCCESS! 
I battled depression, anxiety, and stress for a long long time. I didn't know that I was suffering from these things I just knew that I wasn't happy and because I didn't love myself no one else did either. Misery loves company people and I'll tell you, I was miserable. I hated myself!! 

I tell you this not to feel sorry for me but to know that we all start SOMEWHERE in life and it's those sad and horrible situations or ADVERSITIES that make us who we are. It's the lessons that we needed to learn to become the person that we were always meant to be. Each of us have our own issues and times of struggle but guess what, No one else can have that same circumstance but YOU. The reason is because you are UNIQUE - You hold gifts that no one else has. Your job is to take those adversities, learn from them, and then help someone else going through the same.

So..... this leaves me to my coaching experience and literally has been my SAVING GRACE! I have grown in these last 20 months more than I have in the 28 years I've been alive. When you strive for SUCCESS you have no where else to go but UP and that means GROWTH. 

Learn how to create a business that fits your life

The moment that I signed up as a coach ... I was scared to death! It's normal it's common it's okay to be scared but you can choose to let FEAR hold you back or let it help you GROW! 

It's scary because at that moment you don't know where to start from that moment. <----- I've been there!! I wanted to do everything all at once and Just didn't know where to start. 

So here are the things that ran through my mind and probably go through just about every new coaches mind the moment they hit that "I want to become a Beachbody Coach" button. 

  • What if I fail?
  • What if no one wants to join my group?
  • What if I annoy my friends?
  • I don't want to sell people stuff.
  • I am afraid of what others will think of me?
  • I am not at my goal weight.
  • I don't have a lot of friends on facebook.
  • I am shy.
  • I don't know anything about social media.
  • I am not a fitness professional or expert in nutrition.
  • I don't have enough time.
  • I don't have money to get started.
  • I can't possibly do everything that YOU do!

I know that these are common concerns because I myself have experienced them or have heard my coaches on my team come to me with these same concerns. As a leader and coach for 20 months now I've heard them all and I'm telling you the ONLY thing that will hold you back is YOU and your FEAR of FAILURE!! I have coaches that come up to me and want to be successful SO BADLY but they just can't get past that little voice in their head that doubts or gives them reason to not push forward. The "what if's" haunt!

So, for someone who battles depression, anxiety, and stress -- I had to grow myself in this area in order to SUCCEED! I wasn't going to let FEAR hold me back. The secret is honestly What's the worst that will happen!?!? Truly -- Ask yourself that?
You could be insanely successful? Help a ton of people? Grow your business? Be at the top of the company? Quit your job? Make a full time income working from home on YOUR own time?

I'll tell you one thing, Success doesn't happen over night. It takes time and the moment you realize that and practice the SLIGHT EDGE principals, that's the moment you will be able to move moutons. It might not happen over night but each day you will be closer and closer. It takes TIME to grow in to the person you were meant to become in order to handle that success.

learn how to create a business that fits your life

I know that working from home, starting your own business, and BELIEVING in this company is not the NORM for society. Today we believe in going to college, getting a job, working for a boss, and getting our paycheck so we can pay bills. WORK WORK WORK WORK! Wake up every morning to a job you hate to a boss you hate. Doesn't sound like much fun to me!?!? 

I'm telling you my whole life I thought the same thing. I actually joined the military to have my college paid for, went to school, got my Bachelors degree, and expected to just get a job and follow what society expected until this fell into my lap and I honestly feel like God knew what he was doing with me. 
I make my own hours, I work from where I want, when I want, I am my own boss, I built my business, and I control how much I get paid each week, I control how much I work. I wake up every morning with a fire in my belly and a passionate about what I do each day. I leave the day feeling fulfilled, like what I did actually made a difference. 

So, are you asking yourself if you might be good at this!??! Then it's time to explore this opportunity a bit more because this my friend just may change your life. 

I know that this coaching thing isn't for everyone! That's why there is so many different options out there but I know that this opportunity is for a lot of you. This may not be your thing, but I believe in giving everyone a shot with the proper accountability, training, mentorship, support, and motivation. 

learn how to create a business that fits your life

So this is why i'm about to LAUNCH the most EPIC Group EVERRRR called "Punch FEAR in the FACE" and Live life BRILLIANTLY with the Dream Team

what is a beachbody coach?

It's going to kick off with a 5 day sneak peak of what is a Beachbody Coach if you have no idea what coaching is all about.  This is the perfect place for you to ask questions, get answers to the things you don't know and to determine if our style of leadership and business would jive well together. Every day there will be a post and a video of the day to watch.  It will be on topics such as the compensation plan, how did I get started as a coach, how to become a coach when you aren't at your weight loss goal yet, how to coach and have a full time job, ect....
So if want to check this out make sure that I am your coach by going to my site and creating a free profile!  Then request to join the EVENT!!  We will begin on the 16th of July.

If you have been considering becoming a coach or you are just ready to jump right into the game then now is the time!  I am kicking off my Live Life Brilliantly Accelerated Coach Apprenticeship Program on August 4th. 
 I am truly limiting this group to a select few brand new coaches that join MY team are:

-Committed to growing a business that is successful based on your own goals and personal commitment.
-Driven to be successful & are willing to take a risk.
-Dedicated to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.
-Are looking to earn extra income for themselves and family.
-Are looking to replace an income or make a career change.
-Are truly looking for that passion in life that makes you excited to wake up each day and go to your job!
-Are motivated, driven, caring and committed to putting some skin in the game!

If you feel that you possess the qualities to become a successful coach then I am openly inviting you to complete the application below to be considered for a spot on my team.  The spots will fill up fast so don't delay.

top beachbody coach

I literally live, breathe, and wake up to help my team!  There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of how I can improve my process, my strategy and my teaching to help my team be successful quicker! I want to avoid my team from making mistakes that I made, from learning the hard way or re-inventing the wheel.  I am an open book and I train each and every one of my coaches through my new coach apprenticeship program.  This program is not a cookie cutter, pre packaged training program, it is literally customized to the Dream Team, to my teaching style, and delivered by myself!!!  
For the next 60 days you get daily, 24/7 access to myself, my closed online group, weekly mentoring calls and 1:1 calls to help you get started right!

I will teach you the most important daily activities to focus your attention and energy on.  We will discuss how to invite, how to share not sell, how to use social media to expand your market of influence, how to take your every day life and turn it into your business.  How to take your passion for helping others and make a profit.  I am going to give you access to all of my training tools, documents, resources, guides, videos and more.  There is nothing that you will not have access to!
I believe that training and getting started right are the keys to success. 

If you want to be a successful coach, if you want to help inspire others to make a change, if you want to live your life brilliantly every single day then today is your day to take a leap of faith and join my Team!  We have a wealth of knowledge, information, leadership, support and mentoring to plug in to. There is nothing that you can't accomplish with a family like this!