Thursday, July 3, 2014

EXCITING and AWESOME Opportunity for those CONSIDERING Beachbody Coaching!!

If you watched my Youtube Video Last Night - THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me pour my heart out to you!! If not, You are in luck!! I'm going to post the video here for you to watch!! It's a good one!! Took me a few tries to get the whole live youtube thing together but after a few tries it was a success and totally worth all the frustration. 

SO if you have been considering being a Beachbody Coach and just don't know where to start and aren't really sure about it all then watch my video below. 

If you want to skip through my video which I totally suggest watching and get to the good stuff ... Then let's go with it!!

I have a Passion for helping others FIND their Passion

This just may be it ..... This amazing coaching opportunity has given me FREEDOM!! 

I threw my alarm clock away .. SERIOUS!! Hate that thing! 

I am CONFIDENT that I can TEACH YOU how to build this amazing business and become EXTREMELY successful with Beachbody!! This means Blessings to OTHERS and FREEDOM for you!!

There is only ONE of you .... and there is someone out their that needs WHAT YOU HAVE! It's not something that I can give or your friend can give! ONLY YOU!

Over the last year I've gotten PICKY with who I spend my time with!
I want to know that you are going to match my energy because i'm 100% dedicated to helping MY coaches SUCCEED in this business!

Beachbody has CHANGED my life and my Families!

We no longer live paycheck to paycheck
Spencer could retire from the military and never work another day in his life
We have set our family up for SUCCESS!
We have FREEDOM to build our Families DREAMS & to HELP others do the same.

Beachbody gets me to where I want to be.

It has changed my life ... and really doesn't have a lot to do with the income but the people that I get to spend my time with! I love the people I work with daily!! I love that they have put their TRUST in me to support and encourage them in their health and fitness journey.

I have the amazing responsibility to INVEST my time into others but reap amazing REWARDS! Love, Compassion, FULFILLMENT, Friendships!!

I have seriously built an amazing GROWING income in only 20 months.

This is seriously the REAL DEAL!!

Team Fit Fighters is made up of all different types
Military wives, Mommas, Military veterans, young woman just getting started
But we all have one thing in common.
We are not afraid of working hard so we can create FREEDOM later!! We care about helping other people!! We are COMMITTEd to living a LIFE by design!

I'm mentoring FIVE BRAND NEW COACHES who join Team Fit Fighters!!

Just FIVE because I want to be able to invest my time in them!

I already have TWO spots taken ... Only 3 spots left.

This business is seriously MIND BLOWING .. INCREDIBLE is an UNDERSTATEMENT and it's MY responsibility to share this with you .. even the people who don't believe.

I choose to pay it forward and share this blessing with others who are struggling just like I was.

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Team Beachbody Coach Apprenticeship Program
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If you know someone that could benefit from this opportunity and would be PERFECT, Don't keep it to yourself - Share this blog post with them. I am SO excited for everything this team has to offer!!! 

If you are interested in applying for a spot on our team fill out the application below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I am selecting the 3 more members for this July 7th Apprenticeship by the 6th. But I run apprenticeship programs every First Monday of the Month.