Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beachbody Summit 2014 - VEGAS!

Last week I was at the annual Team Beachbody Coach Summit. So, what is Summit!? 

2 years ago I wouldn't of known either, I just remember knowing it was THE place to go for Beachbody coaches and involved dressing up and lots of fun pictures. HA HA HA ... 

Now, I know what it truly means and I can't wait to tell you about my experience this year. This event is for all coaches who are looking to learn more and advance their Team Beachbody business. Summit includes everything from Celebrity Trainer Workouts, to fun cocktail parties, general sessions with awesome key speakers (Darren Hardy and Diana Nyad) to training sessions led by top coaches and leaders in the organization who are their to share their secrets and tips to success. I know from last year that summit is literally jam packed from the minute it sets off to the very end. It's nothing short of AMAZING!! 
Live PiYo workout led by Chalene Johnson with my friend and coach Brenda
This year at summit was completely different than it was last year. Last year I was a Diamond Coach who had only been in the business 8 months. I flew alone and had no idea what to expect, I just knew that It was an event that I did not want to miss. This year I had 8 coaches attend from Team Fit Fighters and I also was receiving some rewards and recognition. I didn't attend this event in the intent of having a vacation but I was their to lead my team, connect with them, develop relationships, and support my team in their growth. I seriously was blown away with how many members on my team made it a point to show up and invest in themselves. It seriously made me so proud to lead such an amazing team of individuals. I know that because they made the investment in summit they are going to experience so much growth in their business this year. 

So blessed to come to summit this year with so much to be thankful for. 

Team Fit Fighters after Sequins and Stud Party

My Diamond Coach and I Catherine flew in a day early to spend some time laying out by the pool in Vegas. I seriously was SO excited to get to Vegas, unwind a little, and I knew that their would be some VIP perks this year since I ended 2013 as a Premiere Coach. This was a direct reflection on how well my team did in 2013 and was a direct reelection on their ability to rank advance and help their coaches succeed in this business. It's all about the amount of lives we are able to touch and change and together we ROCKED IT! 

Catherine and I in LAX airport waiting to board our plane to Vegas

We didn't get in till Tuesday night and decided to spend a night out on the town! We had dinner at Wolfgangs with a group of coaches on our team and then went out for some dancing. 

Wednesday we slept in, woke up, grabbed coffee, and laid by the pool. Wednesday night was our team dinner at Emril's. Seriously, AMAZING FOOD!! We throughly enjoyed ourself and it was nice to just get out, sit together, and chat! 

Thursday is when the fun began. Summit was OPEN!! We woke up early to head to the core to get our beachbody gear. This is the pace where all the new workout gear is released. We each went our different ways and loaded up on PiYo shirts, 21 Day Fix gear, and Shakeology shaker cups. 

Mid morning we all headed to our team Bombshell event led by none other than Lindsay Matway, Top coach of 2013 and several other leaders on the team. Awesome and motivational morning. 

Team Fit Fighters and my amazing coach and leader, Melanie Mitro

Brenda and I with Lindsay Matway, Top Coach

Thursday evening was opening general session and the release of new workout program, PIYO and we all got ready for the Success Club party! Sequins and Studs at the MGM pool.

VIP Floor Seating for all Premiere Coaches
Sequin and Studs party with my amazing Team! 
Friday morning started with an amazing T25 workout with none other than Shaun-T!! Seriously killer and he was so much fun. He totally got in peoples face and walked around in the crowd motivating us. 
Brenda and I at the Live T-25 Workout

After our amazing workout session we had to get ready and head to General session where we heard Darren hardy speak about The Compound Effect and excepting failure!! 

Darren Hardy on stage

As I sat and listened to Darren Hardy I realized that my entire life I had implemented these the compound effect into my life. I joined the military when I was 19. I knew that I would "suffer" a few years to ultimately create an amazing life. It was just what I needed and with out each of those little things I would not be where I am today. I didn't even know I was applying these principals into my life. I just knew that I had the mindset that no matter what, I was NEVER GIVING UP!! No matter how hard things got I was meant for something bigger. I have always known that everything that happens in life is for a REASON. One thing that has stuck in my head of over ten years now is something that someone special once told me. This person didn't even know me, they just knew of me from church. We were in prayer and one day this person came up to me and whispered in my ear "I don't know what it is, but you were meant for something great". At this time I didn't think I was worth anything. At a young age I suffered from depression and thought my life was worthless. This one thing has stuck in my head for all of these years and I will never forget it. I truly believe that these were words sent to me from God. I know know that my past does NOT define who I am today but they have determined my success. 

Amazing Friend and Fellow Coach, Shannon. Love this Girl!

All through out that day my team and I went our separate ways and went to the breakout sessions we felt we needed the most. 

That night was the Star Diamond Reception. A perk of being a successful coach is getting to go to this amazing party at a HOT nightclub called Hakasan in the MGM. This club seriously blew me away. It's multiple stories tall, the music is awesome, and hanging with the top coaches of the team was even better. I remember last year watching a few friends go to this party thinking "I want to go", I set it in my mind to not miss this event next year. This year I felt blessed to not only go myself but also bring my brand new coach, Brenda. 

Star Diamond Reception with Carl Daikeler CEO of Beachbody

Brenda and I at the Star Diamond Reception
Super Workout with 10,000 coaches 

Saturday was all about recognition I went up stage as a Premiere Coach!! 

Seriously it's all about being a servant leader and putting others needs before your own!! When you help others succeed than you naturally succeed!! 

Backstage with Kaileigh waiting to go on stage as Premiere Coaches

Next year Coach Summit is in Nashville!! Have you considered joining Team Beachbody!? Have you ever considered becoming a coach? Join me and Team Fit Fighters next year in Nashville for another celebration, training, and team building event that you will not want to miss! We are currently the fastest growing team in the company and we have no desire to slow down. The Dream Team is ON FIYAH! My mission for my team is to help as many of my coaches in my organization be as successful as possible! How will I do that!??

I am in the process of creating a 3 week leadership program, will continue phone calls, face to face meetings, weekly team calls, new coach development, and mentoring, plush I am continually growing myself to meet the ever changing needs of my amazing team!! 

I love being apart of The Dream Team and on the edge of creating something amazing for my own personal Team - Fit Fighters!! 

Apply Below to be considered as a member of our Team!!