Saturday, May 31, 2014

The 21 Day Fix Weekly Meal Plan

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Happy Saturday!! It's Saturday afternoon here in Hawaii Time and I'm already started to think about a NEW WEEK!! A new week means a new chance to make things right. BUT why do we even let it go this way? Why do we start every week strong with a new mind set but by Wednesday we are already telling ourselves "next week". We didn't have the chance to prep our meals that week, we are having some serious cravings by the end of the night, that pizza that tempted you WON. 
You beat your self up about it, put yourself down, promise tomorrow - When tomorrow comes you mess up again and then just go ahead and tell yourself MONDAY it is. Next week will be Better! 

You are NOT alone - I've DONE this SO many times!! 

The thing that I've come to FIND is that I don't have to do this anymore. I have my amazing challengers, the daily support needed, and at the end of the month I know that I'm going to share my progress. Unless you truly aren't ready mentally and physically to take on the challenge of bettering your life then YOU WILL SUCCEED. 

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When you surround yourself around other people who have the same EXCUSES as you, it becomes much easier to CRUSH them and realize that you DO have time to make this happen and you aren't going to let everyone see you fall. I love that I get to wake up every day and surround myself with other like minded people who have dishes in their sink, kids to take care of, dinner to fix, a house to clean, and maybe even a full time job to go to. We NO LONGER let these excuses overtake our life and GIVE OURSELVES 30 minutes everyday to work on ourselves. We feel EMPOWERED by every workout we are able to cross off the calendar and by every HEALTHY choice we are able to make. At the end of the day we report in the group how AWESOME we did and if we failed we spill are hearts and are uplifted by others. The problem with not having this support is you ALLOW these EXCUSES to be a REASON you aren't successful. 

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If you DO THIS ... Guess what - YOU ARE NORMAL!! Don't let your kids be your EXCUSE let them be your REASON!! It's time to DRAW THE LINE and CUT THE CRAP! It's okay to put aside a little bit of time for yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT. You aren't being selfish you are leading your family to health and well being. You are setting an EXAMPLE that they can follow. You will have more energy then you EVER have to keep up with all the craziness of LIFE in general. 


Your time is NOW!! Grab YO running shoes, tie up those laces, get your workout gear on, and grab the workout gear because SUMMER IS COMING - READY OR NOT!! 
Are you ready!! Are you TRULY ready to let go of all of your excuses and finally DO THIS!!?!? 
No more coverups, no more feeling horrible about yourself, not wanting to run into anyone at the store because you are ashamed ... It's time to CHANGE your FUTURE! I've been where you have and my goal is to help each and every person so that they NEVER have to feel that way again. 

So are you ready!?!? 

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Here is our PLAN: 

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30 Minute Workouts 6 days a week 
You are setting your alarm for 5am - YEP I SAID IT!! 
This is the time that I have found that allows me to always get my workout done and leaves me with the least distractions. 
Every Sunday you are going to plan out your meals for the week just like I have below. You will use the 21 day nutrition guide to plan out your meals and any recipes from my blog and create a grocery list. Either that or you can use the one that I provide you in the group. I find it's better to start creating your own so you can get exactly what kind of food you like and learn how to do it on your own. 
After you grocery shop - It's time to PREP!! This totally makes a HUGE difference. 
Take time to cut up veggies, fruit, bake chicken for the week, and bag everything up. Then you are ready to just open up the fridge and go. Life becomes SIMPLE. 

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It's time to get MOVING and NEVER LOOK BACK!! Summer is here, ready or not and if you start now you will still have time to enjoy it HAPPY and CONFIDENT! Make a commitment TODAY and join my next 21 Day Challenge Group! Apply Below