Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year New You Challenge Group Open Now

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I almost can't believe it but half of January is already GONE and Valentines is on it's way. If this year is anything like last year, it's going to FLY by. I just got back from spending a month with my family in Texas and had a wonderful time. It was one of the best Christmas's ever! Our whole family was able to be together at my aunt and uncles lake house. But it's officially over and I have so much to be thankful for in 2013. I can't wait to bring in 2014 even stronger. I am thinking and brainstorming of ways that I can make my challenge groups even BETTER and give even more to help others achieve their goals. I'm putting together new and improved groups this year and excited for all my new challengers!! We aren't playing around this year. So, I am INVITING YOU to be apart of this new system!! 

What is a health and fitness challenge!? 
It's a program that I've created to help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals by receiving daily motivation, accountability, and support through a closed online group. This year will NOT be the year that you are WISHING you started LAST MONDAY, WISH your close Fit better, or HATE SHOPPING! You will learn to be CONFIDENT, LOVE YOUR BODY, & BE HEALTHY! This year you will be making your New Years Resolution and STICKING TO IT! We always start out strong DAY ONE of the New Year !! We eat healthy all week long, go to the gym every single day, and stay on track for the first few weeks. After the excitement of reaching your goals has died down you slowly fall back into your old ways. You eat less healthy meals and do less workouts. Excuses being to creep in and you just decide that it's not worth it - YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT and it's TOO good to be TRUE! 

How do I know this!?! Because year after year after YEAR .. this was me!!! <---- 
I would sign up for an expensive gym membership, personal training sessions, and online nutrition programs. I started out strong the first few weeks and then decided that I just couldn't do it. It all became overwhelming. I would go to classes at the gym every now and then but excuses would always win because I just didn't see the results I was hoping for. 

So here is where I come in and where I say - THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR YOU! I'm not going to let you make the same mistakes I did for years and years for ANOTHER YEAR! Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 
It's time for a change!! I truly LOVE Beachbody because it takes the guess work out of everything. For years I struggled on the question of if I was really doing it right. Was I doing the right workouts, was I eating the right things, and was I doing enough. WIth this you don't have to think about anything. IT's all given to you. There are so many programs to meet all needs and likes. If you like high intensity cardio and dancing there is something for you!! If you like boot camp style, we got that. If you want short and sweet, we have that too. If you are looking for a beginner level program to just get you started, YEP, got that too. All you do is press play and follow the trainer. They give you a schedule of workouts that will give you the best possible results. No matter what you are looking for I know that I can find your SOUL MATE workout and hook you up with something you will LOVE! 

The part that most people struggle with is the nutrition part of the plan. 80% of your results come from nutrition. Abs are made in the kitchen. Nutrition was always the part that confused me and  would get frustrated because I couldn't figure out just exactly what I needed to eat and would just give up. There are so many "diets" "quick fixes" and meals that claim to be healthy but really aren't. I lived in Smart One frozen meals, healthy choice meals, and light versions of the real thing. This is what MOST of us fuel our body with, boxed meals that claim to be low on calories but what they mask is the high sodium and non nutritional value they contain. I would workout like crazy doing tons of cardio but could never get the results I wanted because I didn't have that perfect balance. Something needed to change and that is when I decide to look up clean eating. The moment I changed my diet, meal planned, and embraced the lifestyle of eating clean, EVERYTHING CHANGED! I felt better, had more energy, lost weight, had more definition, and was loosing weight. I could actually EAT instead of live on one slim fast a day and a salad. Since that day that I decided to change my goal has been to share this knowledge with others and show you that you don't have to starve to get the results you want and teach people how to eat clean and create their own weekly meal plans. 

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Weightloss transformation, challenge group results, transformation
transformation, weightloss results, loose weight

The last part of this equation is Shakeology. It's not a weight loss shake but it's a total meal replacement shake. It's not a protein shake but a well balanced meal that is equivalent to 6 salads in one glass. I use to be hungry all the time because I wasn't fueling my body with the proper nutrition. It's now the one thing that keeps me full, tastes so YUMMY, and has saved me so many times from making bad decisions. When I craved something bad, was on the go, or didn't have time to make a meal .. Shakeology was my saving grace. I use to take a trip through the drive thru when I was on the go and starving but now I just pack my shaker cup, scoop of shakeology, and a bottle of water and shake it up and I'm all set. I have more energy, I feel better, my skin is clearer, I look better, and it's been worth every single penny!! It keeps me healthy and is one meal I can count on to give me the nutrition my body needs and I don't even have to think about it. I have reached my weight loss goals and still drink Shakeolgoy daily because it gives my body the nutrition it needs while maintaing my weight loss goals. 

I also provide you with a closed online accountability group. This is where you will have access to me as your coach 24/7. We all start our workouts on the same day, check in to the group daily, and have my support/motivation/tips every day. Every day that you log into the group there will be a tip, recipe, motivation, or some information given from me. I will teach you everything to ensure your success: Creating meal plans, handling temptations, traveling, eating out, cravings, and more!! You will experience a complete life MAKE OVER physically and mentally and WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER!!  You just have to make the commitment to FINISH the program and check in daily, rate how you did, and post how you did!! 
challenge group results, weighloss results, loose weight, drop pounds
So does this sound like something you would like to do!?! If you are truly ready to make some BIG CHANGES and CRUSH YOUR GOALS right along MY SIDE and NEVER commit to a crash diet or quick fix again then JOIN ME!! It's time to change your LIFE, YOUR BODY, Increase your CONFIDENCE and BE HAPPY!! If this is YOU .. Fill out the application below to be considered for my NEW YEAR NEW YOU Challenge group starting January 27th, 2014. The last day to register is January 22nd,2014. 
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