Thursday, December 12, 2013

Women Transformation Stories - Challenge Group Results

I have THREE amazing groups running right now!! I just started a FREE 7 Day Shred to help people learn how to eat clean and get some good results in a weeks time and a little extra accountability. We started Monday and today is day 4. They are doing AWESOME!! I also have my Holiday Slim Down Group that just hit Day 30 and WOW WOW WOW.. I am BLOWN AWAY!! The results are INSANE! I also have my 21 Day Holiday Survival Guide Group going and I can tell you that the results will be just as mind blowing. Some have already dropped a few pant sizes in only a few weeks. Together we share our progress, meals, water intake and encourage each other to go further then we ever have before. TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!

I am totally OVERJOYED with sharing with you our results. They are inspiring and totally real! It's not some fake results or a gimmick - WE SEE SO MANY OF THOSE - but REAL people just like you who decided they had enough and were going to take the leap of faith and entrust in myself or the coaches on my team to help them make a life change. The each committed to a fitness program such as TurboFireChalean ExtremeInsanityT25, and Slim in 6 , replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, and following the clean eating principals. They have TOTALLY ROCKED IT! They even did good during Thanksgiving. We all posted our meals and what we cheated with. We enjoyed ourselves and didn't feel deprived what so ever. It's been great having such a great support system during the toughest months of the year. I'm even down 5 pounds. The key is to have BALANCE with anything you do in life. That's what we focus on. 


Each challenger signed a commitment letter to do this together. To check in daily and to NEVER LOOK BACK! No crash diets, no quick fixes, no starvation diets. Eating Clean and Training MEAN!! This is a complete LIFESTYLE Change!! We hide the scale and measure our success based on the way we feel and the way our clothes fit. We work through emotional eating, stress eating, how to get through the holidays and stay on track, share our meal plans, and most of all stick together while lifting each other up. I am so proud of each of these challengers because they have followed through with their commitment and have totally CRUSHED it. 

Lindsey Oswald - She is a brand new coach on my team and just advanced to Emerald Rank. She also lost 17 pounds pounds this month and 9 inches. Seriously this is AMAZING!! Truly inspiring!! She is doing TurboFire, one of my personal favorites. Military wife, Stay at home Mom, and making it happen. 
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Abby Hennum- Abby has been so encouraging to the team, checking in daily, posting her sweaty workout pictures, and really lifting the group up. She has lost a total of 14 lbs 5.5inches in 30 days. How amazing is this? 

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Ana Palomo - Ana is a coach on my team and is doing amazing things in her journey. She is a new Mommy who is down 12 pounds. 

Ana's results 

What Ana Posted in the group when we posted our results. So excited for her. 

Angelique Montalvo - Angelique has also decided to become a coach on my team and is also an Emerald coach. She has gone from 200 lbs to 167 and has lot a total of 33 pounds since the beginning of her journey. I have seen her change so much. She shows up daily to lift everyone up and never gives up, even when things get tough. She has done Brazil Butt Lift and T25 plus added in Shakeology to her diet.

Emily Bewley- Full time baker, mommy, and military wife who lost 6 pounds and 4.5 inches doing T25. Love seeing her posts each day and her sweaty pictures. She totally inspires myself and the group. She is rocking this challenge group. 

Missy Gray - Has lost a total of 45 pounds in 6 months doing TurboFire, T25, and running. She has traveled home and her husband has been away a lot but she still managed to get it done. So proud of her. Her results are truly inspirational. 

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Each challenger didn't just go through a physically transformation but a mental. They were able to clear their skin, gain more confidence, improve their marriage, and where clothes they never thought they would be able to wear again. 

When I read this message below in our challenge group I literally jumped up and down and then got tears in my eyes. It's so amazing to watch people physically and mentally change right before you. 

Watching these transformations each and every day come through my inbox and are shared in our group totally get me going each morning and show me that what i'm doing and what WE are doing is REALITY. This is really changing lives and making the world a better place. It totally gets me going and brings a huge smile to my face. 

Just knowing that we each other every day to hold each other accountable, cheer each other up, and encourage one another is something magically. We have access to each other 24/7 in our group and are able to share results, discouragements, and personal things with each other because we are in this together. That's what my challenge groups are all about!! Creating bonds and always having someone in your corner!! 

Today I am sending a HUGE shout out to my challengers and each and every person that follows me that has had some kind of weight loss our success. You deserve to be SHOUTED OUT!! You have worked hard!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!! 

If you are looking to join this type of community and are wanting support, motivation, and accountability through your own personal journey contact me to get the details on my next challenge group.