Wednesday, December 18, 2013

T25 / Body Pump Update - My Workout plan and Menu Plans

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WOO ... So my Workout Routine has changed so much over the last few weeks!! I started out after my Half Marathon jumping back into T25 and then wanted to add in some weights so added in Body Pump. I really love T25 because of the quick workouts. I love that I can just jump in there and get a really good workout in only 25 minutes. The workouts are great, to the point, and just when I'm starting to get tired Shaun T comes out with "TIME". I love taking this workout on vacation with me too because anyone can fit a 25 min workout in while traveling. It sounds crazy that you can really get results in only 25 minutes but my challengers are getting amazing results with this program. I also wanted to add in Body Pump because I absolutely love it and needed to add in some weight training. I love the music in Body Pump and the workouts range from 20 minutes to 55. So works perfect for me. Most of my workouts the weeks I worked out were 30 - 45 mins long with weight training. 

It's been so hard getting motivated lately because of the holidays but I refuse to give up on myself and go back to my old ways. I know the longer that I stay out of working out the easier it is to slip back into my lazy ways. So I tell myself "It's worth it" and look up some motivational sayings on Pinterest and JUST DO IT!! 

I do have to say that this plan only lasted a few weeks and I decided to do The Ultimate Reset with a group of my coaches. I have lost a total of 6 lbs between T25/Pump and The Reset. I went from 135 - 129. I feel amazing. I am the smallest I have ever been and not only that I feel CONFIDENT! I feel like I can rock any outfit!! I love going shopping!! I love hearing "you look great" "have you lost weight" "you don't need to loose anymore weight". It totally makes EVERYTHING worth it!! Nothing can replace that feeling. 

weightloss motivation, fitness motivation, fitness quotes, motivation
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So here was my plan for T25/Pump Hybrid 
November 11th - 17th 

Monday - T25 Cardio 
Tuesday - Pump Challenge
Wednesday - Total Body Circuit 
Thursday - Pump & Burn 
Friday - Lower Focus & Cardio 
Saturday - Pump & Shred 
Sunday - Rest / Stretch 

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I did another random week of T25 and Body Pump since I knew I was going to jump into the Ultimate Reset!! 

This is my second time doing The Ultimate Reset and I have a CONFESSION to make ... I had to quit the reset a WEEK early. BOO!! I beat myself up about but I came home to visit my family a week earlier then expected and It was just too hard with out a car to go get my groceries and my normal routine. Not saying it's not impossible but for me at the moment it was causing too much stress to stay on track so I just decided I'll finish out my supplements. Use the same Meals and just do my best! 
I did run 5 miles last night and it felt GREAT! I haven't worked out in weeks since I started the Reset. 
I did do The Ultimate Reset a year ago and lost 11lbs. This time I lost 2. I didn't have as much to loose but I do feel like I was able to get back on track with my eating. Say not to cravings and gave up my addiction to Caffeine. I have more energy. So all in all it was totally worth it again.

Here are my Reset Meal Plans 

Next up is P90X3 and I'm pretty much Stalking the Mail Man for it! I'm visiting family until the 14 of January. So i'm going to be starting while I'm here. I'm going to go out and grab the over the door clip to put your bands on to do the Pull Up's and a few single weights. -------------------------> Here is the over the door attachment you can get instead of getting a full pull up bar. Great when you don't have much space or aren't ready for pull ups. You can find this at Wal-Mart or Target. I'm so excited to get started with this program because it's only 30 minutes a day. EKKK I've stayed away from the other P90X videos (even though I really wanted to do them) because of the time. The workouts are 1 1/2 hours and I just didn't have that kind of time or desire to workout. So I'm so glad the fitness God's answered my prayers. P90X in 30 min form. WOO HOO! I have a Test Group Starting on the 30th. If you are interested fill out an application to be considered. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!! P90X3 Will be Under My Tree!! WOO HOO! 
Ready to have abs and some toning for Christmas. Best Present EVER! 

This is my current picture after the Reset!! I feel great but I know that I'm not perfect and there is no such thing as perfect. I'm doing this to be HEALTHY and FIT ... That means SO MUCH MORE then just being SKINNY! 

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My Next Challenge Groups are Open if you are looking for this kind of accountability and support - Plus my weekly Meal plans. 

I have two options for you in the New Year 
P90X3 Test Group December 30th 
My 60 Day New Year New You Challenge Group
Fill out the application below to be considered 

I'll keep you updated on my P90X3 Journey. I seriously can't WAIT!