Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marlena Hedine's Final October Challenge "Gimme that Little Black Dress"

The holidays are coming into town!! Summer is OFFICIALLY over and the colder weather is rolling in. That means big sweaters, boots, holiday food, candy, desserts, family pictures, skinny jeans, and less time and money! There are a million excuses of why you should just give up the next 80 ish days of the year and just wait till January. I'm a busy Mom too, I get it! October for me means my girls birthday party, our vacation to the Big Island, my MIL is in town, we are going to stay a night at the Disney resort, and trick or treating. Basically every weekend this month is Jam packed and I don't think November is showing any signs of slowing down. Next will be Thanksgiving and then flying home for a three week holiday with my family. My point is the perfect time will NEVER come!! You will never be fully prepared to chase after your goals and dreams.

1. I'll just wait until January to get started this year is already almost over. It's too late. 
2. The baby won't sleep at night and I am getting up a MILLION times a night. <--- Been there! 
3. Shakeology is just TOO expensive
4. I have too many other expenses this month
5. My toddler is cranky and clingy 
6. I am so tired all of the time. There are not enough hours in the day. 

YEP, I've given almost every single one of these excuses and they are totally legit and REAL Excuses. However, I have learned along the way that you can ALWAYS give up a little time. Right now as you sit and ready this blog, watch your Tv Show, and play your computer games you could knock out a workout. You could literally pop in T25, get a 25 min workout DONE, and DVR your favorite show and then watch it in the same amount of time it would have taken you to sit on the couch and watch every last commercial. 

Sometimes it just takes sitting down rearranging your schedule, your determination, drive, and your power to change. 

Then it comes down to your nutrition. You could also to choose to get an exercise program going but never really change your diet. You will never quite reach the goals that you were hoping to receive. It's easy to continue with your counting calories but continuing on consuming over processed, fatty, and high sodium food. But it's REALLY HARD to continue working out so hard and never see the results you worked so hard to get. YUP! I've been there! Honestly, I use to use my workouts as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted but never quite had the results I was wanting to get. Clean eating doesn't mean you are giving up all of your favorites it just means you are learning how to cook your favorites DIFFERENT, HEALTHIER, and in a way that is going to get you the results you are looking to get. It's time to start watching what you put in your mouth. Ditch counting calories Stop depriving yourself every day with crazy starvation diets where you only eat carrots and drink water. 

YUP, it's time to learn how to eat REALLY REALLY yummy food that leave you full and satisfied. 
Nope, I'm not talking about following crazy recipes that have 10 million ingredients and one is from China or India. HA! 
Just NORMAL Clean Eating FOOD! Kid and Hubby approved Yummy and Clean Eats! 
All of my favorites which included some crock pot meals, oven baked dishes, healthy breakfast recipes,  quick and easy snacks. 
I think it's SERIOUSLY TIME!! The TIME will NEVER be perfect but if you start NOW you could accomplish SO MUCH MORE! 
The sooner you make a change, the sooner you will have more energy, more confidence, and the ability to go out and do things you couldn't do before! 

So this is where I want to help you!! I was in the SAME spot as you 1 year ago. I finished my very own challenge group in October and was down 35lbs. I could of easily gained all of that weight back during the holiday months but instead I continued with my journey and lost even more inches and pant sizes. I did not let the holidays leave any room for excuses. This is where I want to help you do the same. 
I have my next challenge group opening on October 28th and I only have room for FIVE more and then i'm closing the group up! 
If you are looking to get a customized health and fitness plan by ME as your Beachbody Coach then your next step would be to enroll in my 60 day health and fitness challenge. I can hook you up with T25, Insanity Brazil Butt LiftTurboFire and SO many more programs!! 
Also I will share my weekly meal plan, recipes, tips, strategies for staying focused during foot ball parties, cocktail hours, and holiday parties. How do you handle emotional eating, stress eating and cravings?!?! All of these things will be discussed and covered in the 60 days. Lastly, each member of the group is required to replace one meal a day with Shakeology. Shakeology is not a DIET shake or a PROTEIN SHAKE!! Let me say that again ... SHAKEOLOGY IS NOT A QUICK WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE OR PROTEIN SHAKE!!! 
It's a COMPLETE MEAL! This means it has proper carb to protein ratio so that you can stay full for at least 3 hours, it curves your sweet tooth, gives you natural energy (ditch that mid day second cup of coffee), and naturally helps you loose weight by giving you a controlled portion side. Shakeology is equivalent to eating 5 salads ONE meal! SO if you tend to skip veggies like I use to, skip meals, or make bad choices because of lack of planning and time then SHAKEOLOGY WILL BE YOUR SAVING GRACE!! PROMISE! 
Try it for 30 days! If you don't think it's worth it return it and get a full refund. If you are interested in being apart of this group then fill out the application below. 
This is what your meal plan could look like: 

So are you in!?!? RSVP RIGHT AWAY! Spots will go quick!