Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekly T25 Update & Menu Plans

It's been SO long since I've given you an update on my fitness journey!! I am just now finishing week 7 of T25. This week is the LAST week for me. I know I have a few weeks left on the schedule but I have shifted gears and have a new goal in mind. I love T25 and will for SURE be going back to it but last min change of plans with a few of my girl friends. We have decided to enter into a half marathon run and it's October 12th so I got to get my booty in to gear and give all of my attention and time to this run. I wanted to try and do both but realistically it's not going to work out. I'm running 16 miles this week alone. Of course I will continue to update you on my menu plans and will now include my runs. Super excited to blog my 1/2 Marathon Journey. This was something that was on my Dream Board all year long and I can finally check it off. 

So here is my Schedule from last week and I'll also Share with you my Schedule for my half marathon 

                                       Monday - Core Cardio <---- LOVE THIS ONE
Tuesday - Upper Focus 
Wednesday - Speed 2.0
                         Thursday - RIP'T Circuit <---- KILLER
                                                       Friday DOUBLE DAY!!! But sometimes used Saturday :) 
      Dynamic Core & Speed 2.0 

This weeks Run Schedule 
Week ONE

Monday - I did T25 
Tuesday - Run 3 Miles 
Wednesday - Run 5 Miles 
Thursday - Run 2 Miles 
Friday - Off
Saturday - Run 6 Miles 
Sunday - STRECH 

I am really loving my long runs and LOVE that I have a HUGE goal to work towards. I'm motivated by goals and challenges so any time I have something like this to work towards I do my best. I have always loved running. It's a great stress release. I love that I can just listen to the music and there is nothing but the road and my thoughts. I'll be happy to add in some Les Mills Pump Or T25 when I get a little stronger in my running but for now I'm giving my runs my FULL attention. I really want to focus on myself through this journey and allow this to be the time that I can give to myself to just relax and not think about anything. It's challenging because I'm running faster then I normally have in the past. Trying to keep my short runs at a 10 min mile. So last night I ran 5 miles in 50 mins. It was SO challenging but i'm only going to get stronger. 

I'm going to miss my 25 min workouts. It was so nice to just get up, hit snooze a few times and get it DONE! It was tough but before I knew it I was dripping in sweat and time was up. My runs will take between 30 mins to over an hour but I'm excited for the journey. 

An important part part of any workout program is your NUTRITION!! Creating a meal plan and sticking to it is where your results come in to play. 

Every week I sit down on my computer and plan out my week. I write out what workouts i'm doing and what I plan to eat each day. I know that If I sit down and take these few hours a week that I will be GOLDEN! Life will be good, the house will be full of clean eats, and staying on track will be EASY PEASY! Takes all the guess work and I don't have to sit and wonder what i'm going to eat. Instead of resulting to fast food .. my fast food is ready for me in my fridge. Most of the meals I make only take about 30 mins. Some nights we eat leftovers or I feel like something else but at least I know I have all the ingredients in the fridge for healthy meals. This plan has also saved me MONEY! 

This weeks plan had SEVERAL new Recipes that I plan on sharing with you!! 

The Sweet Potato, Black Bean, & Quinoa Chili is amazing and awesome for left overs. Everyone loved it and I really could eat it all week long. It's packed full of protein! Delicious and meat free. 

Every single week I make out my menu plan. It's become a habit that I know is part of my plan every Sunday. I consistently sit down, make my menu plan, grocery shop, and chop up what needs to be chopped! BOOM - Up on the fridge and ready to go. I am busy with my 2 year old and Kindergartner that I really don't have time to think about what I'm eating each day. I need to just look in the fridge and be able to grab it. My kids eat the same thing I do for the most part and have learned to love it. It doesn't take me hours to make and it's normal food. I'm not just eating chicken breast and veggies. Normal food just made from REAL ingredients. 

If you are struggling with creating your own meal plans and are looking for a Beachbody Fitness Program to get you back on track - Let's make it happen. I would love to help you and guide you through your own personal journey. I've been there and overcame the struggles! Learning how to eat clean and create positive daily habits has changed my life and success rate. If you are looking to find a program and create your own meal plan fill out this application and I will get back to you ASAP to go over your goals and how we can CRUSH THEM!