Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 2 of T-25/TurboKick

SOOOO... I know there was a week break in there where you were like WHAT!?!? What happened to her and T-25!! Well .. I started early with week one of T-25 and then when my challengers started on July 8th I jumped on with them and started the program over so that I could do the workouts along with them!! So here I am FINALLY on week 2 and actually two days shy of it!! WOOT WOOT! IT's going amazing .. I was sick a bit of this week so will have some making up to do this weekend. I feel like i've been out of the last few weeks with me being sick and my husband switching over to working 12 hour night shifts! :( It has thrown me off with my sleep!! SO ready to crush the rest of this week, lock in my nutrition, and get some AWESOME RESULTS!! 

I loved working out with my challengers last Saturday!! It was so much fun to meet everyone in person, talk about our workout programs, our struggles, and bond!! We are meeting every other week for some extra motivation and encouragement. I have people in my challenge group from all over the states but I'm beginning to grow a strong team here in Hawaii that is ready to get fit together so we are meeting and holding each other accountable. Next week we are meeting for a T-25 workout and having a clean dinner along with a clean eating seminar I will be hosting. I'm truly so excited to share clean eating, my vision for each and every person I come across that is looking to feel confident and happy, and make a difference in others lives!! WOO!! 

Okay off of my podium because I truly could talk about how much I love my Job, love my challenge groups, and love making others feel great about themselves. So let's end that ... and talk about my progress and my schedule I followed in week 2. 

I truly feel great and love this program!! I love that fact that it's only 25 minutes but i'm drenched in sweat. The time goes by so fast!! I'm use to doing such long workouts that I think it's not enough and feel like I should do more but the next day when I can feel it ... I know it's working!! It's AMAZING!! No longer have to go through hour long workouts to get amazing results 25 minutes and BAM!!! You are done and off to do the next best thing ... Like make a Shakeology!! :) 

Week TWO Focus T-25

Monday - T-25 Cardio 

Tuesday - Total Body Circuit 

Wednesday - Speed 1.0 

Thursday - Lower Focus 

Friday - Ab Interval / Turbo Kick 

Saturday - Turbo Kick/ PiYo Strength 

Normally you would be totally fine with just following the T-25 schedule and working out 5 days a week but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Turbo classes and don't plan on giving those days up. That is my MOMMY TIME but I'm really loving putting in these T-25 workouts because they are QUCK but effective!! 

So excited to see what is in store for the end of this month!! I know my challengers are going to have AMAZING results as well. We have been pumped up in our group!! 

Of course got to fuel the body with some clean eats ... so here is my meal plan for the week. I've been slacking so I need to follow this to a T this month and ROCK IT OUT! 

I have TOTALLY not been on point with water intake and my meal plan so I'm having YOU hold me too it .... I CAN DO THIS!! It's so easy to get in that mindset once you have reached a certain weight to just relax a bit ... BUT NO!!! I always want to have a goal that I want to work for and I want to feel healthy and confident ... not a SLUG, TIRED, and SICK!! 

So here goes the end of week 2 and ready to come in STRONG week three!! 

Now I know that since you are holding me accountable i'm going to ROCK IT! I'm COMMITTED! 

Got YOU daily dose of MOTIVATION .. Now go out there and KICK SOME BUTT WITH ME!! 
Together we will OWN IT!