Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coach Success Story - Sally Walker

I am absolutely so blessed to have Sally on my team as one of my coaches and friends. I met her through a mutual friend at a party and it wasn't until months later after talking Beachbody that we were able to connect. After one phone call of telling her how excited and passionate I am and was about this business she jumped on board, first as a challenger but almost immediately sure that this opportunity that came knocking on her door was 100% for her and something she had been passionate about for years. One of the main things that sticks in my mind that she told me is "I could hear the passion and love that you had for your job and the company that I knew that this was for me." This speaks TRUTH. I love my job, I love my team, and I love my coaches. She has become a friend that I cherish! 

Sally started her journey with Slim in Six and in only 4 weeks had amazing results. 

After having her own success in only 4 short weeks, she decided it was time to sign up as a coach and invite others to join her. She invited her neighbors to workout with her in her garage and called it the "sweat box". She had one neighbor join that was only running by and was inspired by her working out in her garage every morning! Seriously amazing how awesome you can connect with people just by inspiring and becoming like minded. She now works out every morning in her garage with these amazing friends that she has that also hold her accountable. 

Being a coach isn't about being in perfect shape, eating perfect all the time, or never making mistakes. It's about being a normal person that cares about other people and is looking to get in great shape, make friends along the way, and become a positive role model to others. 

Sally's son, Jake drinking his Shakeology
I look at all the people that are touched through this opportunity and choice to become a coach and i'm blown away with just how awesome the ripple effect is. I am so thankful I was able to meet sally only a few months back because she is now able to be a positive role model to her kids, husband, and friends. Her son, Jake above wants to join the Air Force when he graduates High School and through the positive influences that Sally holds her son will be equipped and ready for his next journey in life. Her friends are happier and healthier, and her marriage is stronger. She gets to wake up every morning and read encouraging letters from her husband, messages from friends telling her they lost weight, have more energy, and were able to get off medications. 
Letters left by her husband one morning before work! 

Sally is so inspirational, doesn't have one enemy, is always friendly, and giving to everyone around her. I'm so proud of all of her success with in her business! She deserves it. Her success is a direct reflection on the amount of lives she is able to impact. 

Listen to her story and passion for this business that has completely changed her life

"Beachbody came into my life at the most perfect time. I completed a challenge and felt like the old me again. I haven't felt this good in years! I knew it was meant to be to become a coach. I absolutely love sharing information about Shakeology and clean eating with my challenge groups. Being a coach means meeting new friends and socializing with others who want to get/stay fit and that is a huge benefit to me. My challengers motivate me also! Seeing my challengers get excited about their weight loss and achievements make me feel like I have an important purpose and I am helping people get healthy! I spend an hour in the morning on Beachbody and a few hours at night. and I enjoy every minute. It is more of a hobby than a job but with the benefit of extra pay for the family!!!" 


More on Sally's story check out her blog. 

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