Saturday, May 11, 2013

Les Mills BodyPump / TurboFire Hybrid Week Two Update

Week Two update of my fitness journey! I know I know -- I should be well into week three at this point but I had my family come and visit and we were on the go EVERY DAY and I just don't feel like I gave my eating and my workouts all I GOT! So I'm redoing it. This is a lifestyle that I plan to keep so how long it takes me to get there doesn't really matter to me. Sure I would LOVE to look good in Vegas but that isn't the most important thing to me. The next 5 weeks no excuses. I don't have any more guests and I have NO excuses but to push through and really rock my transformation. Im having you hold me accountable NOW! Together let's do this! I need you just as much as you need me.

My parents left us Monday evening. I used Monday as my rest day and enjoyed our last visit together before they returned to the mainland. I'm not sure when I'll see them next. My Dad is coming back in June to watch me Graduate collage with my BS in Human Resources Management. A degree I have been working on for 4 years. Two babies later and i'm finally graduating.

I have decided this week I'm going to follow the Ultimate Reset meal plan and omit a lot of the extra junk and give my system a little break from the extra's and meat. I batch cooked a big batch of quinoa salad and zucchini and cashew soup to munch on for lunches during the week along with salads.

I have loved this plan this week actually and have already lost 3 lbs this week from sticking to it. There were a few nights when I was craving ice cream or junk but i just drank water and forgot about it. I know it will get easier as the days go on & I'm just having cravings since I just over indulged while my family was here. I'm so glad to have the support of my challengers to get me through this!! Nothing better than support and accountability.

Monday- REST
Tuesday- Pump & Burn / HITT 20
Wednesday - Fire 60 .. I have been CRAVING a good Body Combat  workout lately so I gave in and did Combat 60 Extreme Fighter. It kicked my butt like I knew it would!
Thursday - Pump Challenge & Hard Core Abs.
Friday - Body Combat 60 Cardio Fighter ... LOVE LOVE LOVE this is one of my favorites.
Saturday- Pump & Burn/ HITT 25
Sunday- Hard Core Abs & Fire 60. Let's DO THIS!

I love that I can just wake up before my family. Put my workout clothes on, check on my challengers, read my bible, and then just push play. I don't have to wait for a class time at the gym, I don't have to load my kids up in the car and make sure I have all their stuff together, I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing. I can just PUSH PLAY and have a program all set up for me to do that is meant to get me the best results. It can't get any better than this.

I'm ready to crank it up these next 4 weeks! Can't wait! Let's do it TOGETHER! Join me!

Here is my Meal plan I used for the week.

I'm ready to bring on Week Three! If you are ready to join in my next challenge, workout with me and i'll help you create a meal plan while learning to eat clean!! E-mail me to reserve your spot. Together we are BETTER!