Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tara's Brazil Butt Lift Transformation

Each week I just LOVE sharing Transformation stories. ONE - Who doesn't like a good transformation story to give you a good swift kick in the booty? TWO - it's PROOF .. Proof to show you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! These are REAL people with REAL results. Tara Helwig's Brazil Butt Lift Transformation truly was nothing short of inspirational. Just wait till you see her results. The awesome thing is that she WON $500 dollars! $500 for just working out and getting in the best shape of her life! Tara lives in Kauai, Hawaii and I live in Oahu, Hawaii so we are in the same Time Zone and just happen to be on the same team in Beachbody, so we found a connection. While everyone slept in the mainland we brainstormed and built each other up. It's been amazing getting to know Tara over the last few months and it just goes to show you that Beachbody is able to give you this AMAZING connection with others who share this amazing experience with you. 

I am SO excited to share her story with you! It truly is an amazing transformation not only on the OUTSIDE but on the INSIDE too!!! 

Tara Started P90X after a scary emergency hospital visit. She was ready for a SERIOUS life change. At that moment she knew that the 90 day challenge would be the answer to all of the issues that she had in her life. She didn't let the excuses get in her way. She took all those excuses canned them and took that horrible experience and turned it in to a positive! She had NO idea what was in store from her the moment she said "YES!!" Listen to her story in her words ... 

The picture above was Tara's 30 day Brazil Butt Lift Transformation but her story started long before this ... Tara started Brazil Butt Lift in January 2013 and this transformation was from January - February. She started at a size 6 - Her clothes were tight and she was in need of a program that would get her back in shape and tone. She went down to a size 2 in 30 days. Raised booty, slimmer legs, flatter tummy, and more definition.  

Going way back to where Tara Started is truly inspiring ... 

"Negativity surrounded my life, and I was depressed. After a long day at work, I would sit onthe couch, eat junk food, watch television, and barely move. I was sad, unconfident, had no energy, and was always asking myself, "Why am I alive?" One day eating bad fast food landed me in the hospital, on the verge of kidney failure, with the worst infection they’d ever seen. I was scared out of my mind. Fortunately my boyfriend took care of me, but when I got out of the hospital on his birthday, we couldn't celebrate the way we’d planned because I was hooked up to an IV. 

That changed my life forever. My boyfriend had already lost his mother, and I realized it scared him to see how sick I was. I decided that was the last day he would ever see me like that. I chose P90X 
because so many people were doing it and getting in the best shape of their lives.

The greatest challenge I faced was Pushing Play and sticking to the 90-day program. Being in a Challenge Group taught me what healthy eating was, and motivated me to work out. I felt if I didn't work out or eat healthy meals, then I would get kicked out of the group—even though that wasn't really the case. Logging in my workouts in the SuperGym made it easier to coordinate my daily plans, because then I knew which workout was next and how long it was. I liked that P90X switched the workouts constantly, using Muscle Confusion to get me the best results possible.

P90X took me from size 8 and 143 pounds to size 2 and 118 pounds, and completely changed my life. Now I’m proud to go shopping and wear my clothes with confidence—and without my belly showing! I am so positive and try to inspire others to live a healthier life in all aspects, including fitness, nutrition, goal setting, financial freedom, and motivation to attain their dreams. That’s why I became Beachbody Coach and created my team, Nutritious Fitness. I now have positive and supportive friends all over the country! This Beachbody program saved my life, and now I am sharing my story so I can help save others."

Tara's Journey started with just 90 DAYS of P90X and then went on to 30 days of Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift is a 30 day program that is made to get you BIKINI READY!  The trainer Leandro Carvalho's is the trainer for the Victoria Secret Angles so you KNOW that he knows his stuff! It's amazing how much someone can change in only 30 days! It's quite mind blowing. You can workout all the time but with out the proper nutrition your results won't be the same. Tara stressed to me that she really worked on her nutrition. Before starting the program you choose your "booty shape" and then choose that workout plan to get YOUR body in the best shape. All in the comfort of your own home. Tara said that she did the Pear Shape Program. The workouts are anywhere from 30 mins to 55 min long workouts a day - It all depends on which program you choose for your "booty". Brazil Butt Lift has the most AMAZING ab workout called Tummy Tuck and it's seriously one of the hardest and BEST ab workouts you will ever do. The toning and sculpting workouts are awesome and will leave your body screaming for TRANSFORMATION. This program is definitely awesome for beginners or people that are just getting started in their fitness journey. The program is only 30 days long but offers awesome results. This program could even be added in with your current program to give you some "EXTRA" burn!